North Dakota Passes "Trigger Law"

by Cara on April 25, 2007

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North Dakota apparently decided that it didn’t want South Dakota to get all of the anti-choice credit.

Today, the state legislature decided to pass an abortion ban that would take effect in the event that Roe vs Wade is overturned.

You can read the text of the bill that will most certainly be signed by ND’s anti-choice governor. You can also read Planned Parenthood’s press release on the matter.

Laws like these, on the table all over the country, are precisely why we can’t rely on Roe to protect us. It’s absolutely imperative that we elect a pro-choice congress and a pro-choice president in 2008, so that we can get The Freedom of Choice Act passed and stop watching the Supreme Court so obsessively. It’s too difficult to keep fighting these bans from so many different angles– and the anti-choicers know it.

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1 KeepAskingWhy April 25, 2007 at 11:19 pm

I agree, the only way we are going to stop this assault on women’s rights is to change those who make the laws.

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