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Funds Needed Immediately: Help Save Lakota Sioux Sacred Land!

by Cara August 20, 2012

The Pe’ Sla area of the Black Hills in South Dakota is sacred to the Lakota people, the indigenous inhabitants of that land. As a result of colonization, a non-Native family now privately owns this area and is planning on auctioning it off to the highest bidder. The Lakota people need this land to perform [...]

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Fund for Troy Davis’ Family

by Cara March 5, 2012

On September 21, 2011, Troy Davis was killed by the state of Georgia for the murder of a white police officer, despite incredible doubts about his guilt and many years of strong efforts to save his life. Hopefully you’re familiar with his story; I was writing about it years ago, and many others never stopped. [...]

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Send a Holiday Message to an Incarcerated Survivor of Prison Rape

by Cara December 5, 2011

Currently incarcerated persons are probably already the most isolated individuals in the United States. Those who are not only incarcerated but also the victims of sexual violence while imprisoned face little support, few mental health and recovery services, the ongoing threat of violence, and even retaliation should they speak of the abuse. With their support [...]

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Final Public Comment Period for New Standards to Address Prisoner Rape Ends Soon

by Cara March 31, 2011

Last year, I wrote quite a bit about prisoner rape and the failure of the Department of Justice to implement new standards to address the epidemic in a timely fashion. I previously urged you to submit public comments to the Justice Department regarding the implementation of new guidelines. Almost a year has passed, and still [...]

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Afghanistan Women’s Shelters Threatened With Closure

by Cara February 21, 2011

The Afghan government has drafted new rules which would severely harm women who are the victims of domestic violence and greatly impede their ability to leave their abusers. Local women’s shelters run by Afghan women would be turned over to the control of the government and subjected to new misogynistic rules. Women for Afghan Women [...]

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Help Kelley Williams-Bolar, Mother Jailed For Sending Children to “Wrong” School

by Cara January 26, 2011

Yesterday, I wrote about the horrific case of Kelley Williams-Bolar (pictured left), a woman who has been jailed for ten days and slapped with a felony record — which will prevent her from obtaining her teacher’s license — for sending her children to a school district other than the one they lived in. My analysis [...]

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Tuesday March in Pittsburgh in Response to the Death of Amy Lynn Gillespie

by Cara November 22, 2010

Last week, a post I wrote about the death of Amy Lynn Gillespie generated a lot of attention. Ms. Gillespie, who was being detained Allegheny County Jail for violating the conditions of her work release by becoming pregnant, died after being denied timely medical care for her treatable condition. As I argued in the post, [...]

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Tell the Department of Justice to Adopt New Standards to Address Prison Rape

by Cara April 30, 2010

In the past couple months, I’ve written two posts about the enormous issue of prison rape. Over at Feministe, one of our guest bloggers, Liliana, also wrote an excellent post on the subject, which I highly recommend. Amanda at the Sexist has recently published her own take (trigger warning: the post contains many important but [...]

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Support Sex-Positive Sex Education

by Cara November 13, 2009

Scarleteen is, in my view, the absolute best sex education website out there. And while I can’t claim to be entirely impartial about that assessment — I know Heather, Scarleteen’s founder, and also received a free sex education training through the site this summer — I can say that it’s an assessment I’ve held since [...]

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School Accepting Donations for Gang Rape Survivor

by Cara November 2, 2009

By now, you’ve almost certainly read about the gang rape that took place outside a high school dance in California. I’ve avoided reading the updated details due to the fact that this story hit me extremely hard, but [trigger warning] the initial reports said that there were multiple assailants, the rape continued for about two [...]

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