Rape or “Bondage Session Gone Haywire”? Rape Apologists Speculate.

by Cara July 20, 2011

Trigger Warning on post and links for graphic descriptions of sexual violence against sex workers, including sexual torture; rape apologism This past April, a woman who was doing sex work was picked up by one John Hauff and driven to his home to engage in a pre-negotiated sexual encounter. Hauff requested some bondage elements in [...]

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Rape Suspect Cross-Examines Accuser, Then Asks For Public Defender

by Cara January 17, 2011

Trigger Warning for descriptions of sexual violence and being confronted by one’s rapist Just a couple months ago, I wrote about how a case in which an alleged rapist defended himself, and therefore cross-examined his own accusers, ended in a threat of suicide from one of the alleged victims. In a follow-up, I noted the [...]

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“This Is a Maid”: Which Rape Accusers Are Worth Listening To?

by Cara January 14, 2011

Trigger Warning for rape apologism, brief descriptions of sexual violence Former pro-baseball player Lenny Dykstra (left) was recently accused by a woman, his former housekeeper, of repeated sexual assault. According to the woman’s claim, Dykstra forced her to perform oral sex on him every Saturday. Earlier this week, prosecutors declined to file charges, apparently citing [...]

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Rape Charges Dropped After 14-Year-Old Accuser Commits Suicide

by Cara November 11, 2010

Trigger Warning for discussions of suicide, sexual violence, rape apologism, victim-blaming, and bullying. Near Detroit, rape charges have been dropped against 18-year-old Joseph Tarnopolski, following the suicide of his 14-year-old alleged victim Samantha Kelly. A 34th District Court judge dismissed a rape case against an 18-year-old man who was charged with having sex with a [...]

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Woman Faces Likely Deportation Because She Filed a Domestic Violence Report

by Cara November 2, 2010

Last year, a woman named Maria Bolanos called the police during a domestic dispute with her partner, hoping that they would protect her. Now, as a result of that phone call and the subsequent interaction with police, because she is an immigrant who is undocumented, it is probable that she will be deported soon. Last [...]

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Arkansas School Official Wishes Death on Gay Youth

by Cara October 28, 2010

Trigger Warning for extreme homophobia, including homophobic language and death wishes, as well as discussions of suicide. Last Wednesday, as many of you are likely aware, there was a call to wear purple in response to the recent spate of publicized suicides by LGBT youth who had been extensively bullied, and the event was dubbed [...]

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As DA, Colorado Senate Candidate Said Alleged Rape Could Be Seen As “Buyer’s Remorse”

by Cara October 11, 2010

I recently wrote about a case out of Michigan where a prosecutor declined to file charges in a rape case by saying there was no element of force or coercion, despite the victim’s testimony and the corroboration of key parts of her statement by one of the accused parties. While it turned out that the [...]

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New Venice Beach Regulations Aim to Displace Homeless Population

by Cara October 5, 2010

Earlier this week, the New York Times reported on plans in the Venice Beach section of Los Angeles to “crack down” on homeless people who live in R.V.s and vans, parking them either on the street or in beach lots at night. Every day, Diane Butler and her husband park their two hand-painted R.V.’s in [...]

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Activists Leaving Life-Saving Water for Immigrants Face Opposition

by Cara September 27, 2010

Trigger Warning for anti-immigrant hatred and discussion of border crossing deaths. Found via Jill’s brief post on the issue, this story in the NY Times about people who leave water for undocumented immigrants crossing the U.S. border in the desert isn’t exactly news, but it is needed reporting on an ongoing issue. The water is [...]

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San Antonio Woman Assaulted; Police and Media Respond With Transphobic Excuses

by Cara September 24, 2010

Trigger Warning for anti-trans violence, ungendering, victim-blaming, and police and media transphobia/transmisogyny. Yesterday a man badly beat a woman who was riding in his car and then dumped her in front of an apartment complex before driving away, seemingly for no reason other than that she was trans. Though this is awful enough on its [...]

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