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Blogiversary: The Curvature Turns 3

by Cara April 18, 2010

Today, April 18th, is the third anniversary of this here blog. And with it comes a full blog redesign! Lord knows that it was well past being due. For the brand spanking new logo, I’m enormously indebted to Marcus R. Gregory. He created the banner, was incredibly lovely and patient with me through the process, [...]

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Blogathon 2009

by Cara July 13, 2009

Last year, I participated in a little something called the Day of Blogs — a 24 hour blogathon, with a post going up every half hour.  As a result of the effort, RAINN received a $454 donation! This year, it’s called the Blogathon, and it takes place on July 25 from 9am EST to 9 [...]

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by Cara April 18, 2009

Today, April 18, 2009, is the two year anniversary of The Curvature. And coincidentally, the post after this one will also be my 1,000th post. Wow. Two years. One thousand posts. I’m not in a hugely philosophical or reflective mood, so I will simply say: that’s a lot of feminism, ranting and random Beatles stuff. [...]

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Final Yoko Post is Up

by Cara January 7, 2009

Yesterday, the final post in my Yoko Ono series went up accidentally for about 10 minutes. It’s up for real now, but I’m getting word that the post activated (to a blank screen) in many RSS feeds yesterday and is not reactivating today with the updated and available content. If this is the case for [...]

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Clickity Click

by Cara December 15, 2008

For those who didn’t notice it on their own, I added some more icons to my list of social networking sites through which to share the post.  You can now easily submit blog posts through Facebook, Google, Tumblr, LinkedIn and SphereIt.  Let me know if there are any other networks you would regularly use the [...]

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Day of Blogs 2008 has begun!

by Cara July 26, 2008

This is where I will be writing for the Day of Blogs to benefit RAINN. The first post is even up — only 47 more to go! Stop by, read, comment and show your support. I’m sure that I’ll need your help and encouragement to make it through! Tweet

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Update on Day of Blogs

by Cara July 25, 2008

Look at that, we’re 92% of the way to my Day of Blogs goal! So close — and as I’ve said, wouldn’t it be great to surpass that goal? Now’s the time to give! Thanks again to everyone who has contributed so far. I’ve decided to set up a little sub-blog for the day of [...]

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Day of Blogs

by Cara July 21, 2008

UPDATE 2: I take back the previous update — the people have spoken, and credit cards seem to win. So I’ve upgraded the account and now you can give however is most convenient for you. In fact, paying with a credit card may of right now be preferable, as it will make me feel better [...]

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Going to D.C.

by Cara July 14, 2008

I’m leaving tomorrow, Tuesday the 15th, for the Planned Parenthood Organizing and Policy Summit in D.C. My little (almost) all-expense paid trip is courtesy of a scholarship, and I’m really psyched and grateful to be able to go! I’ll be away until late Friday night. Since I unfortunately don’t have a laptop, I’ll most likely [...]

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by Cara June 30, 2008

I’m having internet access trouble.  My modem is fucked and I won’t be able to get a new one until tomorrow afternoon.  Seeing as how I’ve already lost internet access three times in the last two hours, I have no idea whether or not I’ll actually be able to get anything up today.  I also [...]

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