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Teacher Who Was Reinstated After Sexual Abuse Allegations Admits to 20 Additional Victims

by Cara January 11, 2012

Trigger Warning for discussions of childhood sexual violence, sexual violence in schools, and rape denialism A story of prolonged sexual abuse against children over 25 years shows the dangers of not believing sexual violence survivors who step forward with their stories. In Alabama, a now-retired elementary school teacher named Danny Acker (left) has been charged [...]

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Omaha Teacher Retained Position After Multiple Student Allegations of Sexual Assault

by Cara May 24, 2011

Eighth-grade teacher Shad Knutson has been charged with three counts of sexual assault against three different female students over three years. He is no longer working for Nathan Hale Middle School, where all of the alleged assaults were committed, but he did remain employed with them for three years after the first allegation was made. [...]

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Help Kelley Williams-Bolar, Mother Jailed For Sending Children to “Wrong” School

by Cara January 26, 2011

Yesterday, I wrote about the horrific case of Kelley Williams-Bolar (pictured left), a woman who has been jailed for ten days and slapped with a felony record — which will prevent her from obtaining her teacher’s license — for sending her children to a school district other than the one they lived in. My analysis [...]

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Mother Jailed For Sending Her Children to the “Wrong” School

by Cara January 25, 2011

Last week, a woman was sent to jail for ten days, placed on two years probation, and ordered to complete 80 hours of community service for a felony conviction. Her crime was fudging documents so that she could send her two daughters to the “wrong” school district, in the richer Akron, Ohio suburb where her [...]

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Study Finds 10% of Teens Who Say They’ve Never Had Intercourse Test Positive for STDs

by Cara January 4, 2011

A new study purports to show a disturbing discrepancy between the number of teens who say they’ve “had sex” with those who test positive for STDs. Of those who supposedly said they’d been abstinent, 10% tested positive for at least one of the three common STDs (chlamydia, gonorrhea, and trichomoniasis). As such, researchers and journalists [...]

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Study on Rape of Youth Age 12 and Younger Responded to With Victim-Blaming Rhetoric

by Cara November 16, 2010

Trigger Warning for discussions of sexual violence against children and adolescents, as well as victim-blaming and rape apologism. A new study out of B.C., Canada (pdf) on whether age of sexual consent laws are actually doing anything to prevent the sexual abuse of young people by adults has acted as an opportunity to engage in [...]

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Girls’ First Sexual Encounters Are More Likely to Be Unprotected. How About We Ask Why?

by Cara November 9, 2010

Trigger warning for discussions of sexual violence, victim-blaming. This morning I came across a post at a CNN blog about a new study (which has not yet been peer reviewed) on teen sex and sexual health. The aspect of the study making headlines both at CNN and elsewhere is this: “Girls take more chances during [...]

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Arkansas School Official Wishes Death on Gay Youth

by Cara October 28, 2010

Trigger Warning for extreme homophobia, including homophobic language and death wishes, as well as discussions of suicide. Last Wednesday, as many of you are likely aware, there was a call to wear purple in response to the recent spate of publicized suicides by LGBT youth who had been extensively bullied, and the event was dubbed [...]

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Disabled Student Assaulted on School Bus; Bus Driver Watches and Doesn’t Respond

by Cara August 6, 2010

Trigger Warning for graphic descriptions of violence against people with disabilities, school violence, and victim-blaming. As evidenced by a recent post, violence of all kinds is a major problem in schools, and school administrations not only frequently fail to respond appropriately to said violence, they’re also often a direct part and/or cause of the problem. [...]

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Lawsuit Claims School Used Rape Victim as “Bait”

by Cara August 2, 2010

Trigger Warning for rape apologism/denialism and discussions of sexual violence and rape culture. School is supposed to be a safe place for students to learn and interact with their peers. But as far too marginalized persons know, schools frequently present an environment that is the exact opposite, from being sites of sexualized gender-based violence, to [...]

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