U.S. State Department Relaxes Passport Rules for Transgender People

by Cara June 10, 2010

Some good news has just come out for many U.S. trans* folks: the U.S. State Department has decided that surgery is no longer a requirement for trans* individuals to change their gender markers on their passports. “Sexual reassignment surgery is no longer a prerequisite for passport issuance,” it said in a statement. From June 10, [...]

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Court Gives Women the Right to Sue Wal-Mart for Gender Discrimination

by Cara April 27, 2010

Yesterday, a federal appeals court ruled that a class action lawsuit against Wal-Mart, for alleged discrimination against female employees, can go forward. For almost ten years, the company has attempted to block the lawsuit, and is still unprepared to give up: A federal appeals court ruled Monday that thousands of female Wal-Mart employees can sue [...]

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New York Ruling Eases Name Changes for Transgender People

by Cara October 22, 2009

The New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan has made a ruling that will make it easier for transgender people to petition for a name change. The ruling overturned a previous decision by a lower court: Should a transgender person seeking judicial permission to change her or his name be required to furnish medical documentation [...]

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Boss Admits to Firing Woman Because of Her Gender Identity

by Cara October 12, 2009

Vandy Beth Glenn was fired in 2007 when she informed her boss her boss that she was a trans woman with plans to begin her transition. With Lambada Legal, she has since launched a federal lawsuit against her former employer, the Georgia General Assembly. (Yes, you did in fact read that correctly — her employer [...]

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Edmonton Teacher Fired Over His Gender Identity

by Cara October 3, 2009

A trans man who worked as a substitute teacher in Edmonton, Alberta was fired by a Catholic school upon telling them about his plans to transition: Jan Buterman is praised in a letter of dismissal for his teaching abilities, but told his gender change from woman to man is not aligned with the teachings of [...]

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New TSA Requirements Pose Risks to Trans Travelers

by Cara August 19, 2009

Those of us who have been to the airport in recent years know that it is a much larger hassle than it was in pre-9/11 days. (Remember back when friends and family could come with you and see you off at the gate?) But as is usually the case, it’s a much bigger hassle for [...]

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The Advocate Misgenders Trans Woman

by Cara June 18, 2009

It’s pretty well known that the Advocate, while billing itself as an LGBT news publication, doesn’t exactly give trans issues a whole lot of coverage at all.  But taking a look at this latest move, one almost has to wonder whether silence is preferable. A man and woman named Jason Stenson and Kimah Nelson got [...]

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Another Trans Person Shot in Memphis

by Cara June 3, 2009

Last Wednesday, Memphis resident Kelvin Denton was shot in the nose and throat.  According to police documents, the alleged shooter Terron Taylor says that he committed the assault because Denton misrepresented hir gender. Kelvin Denton is currently still in critical condition.  Details are short at the moment, and so how Denton self-identifies with regards to [...]

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New York Statewide GENDA Call-In Day

by Cara May 20, 2009

CALLING ALL NEW YORK STATE RESIDENTS! You may have heard a whole lot about the marriage equality bill currently awaiting a vote by the state Senate. What you have likely heard significantly less about is GENDA, the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (pdf). GENDA would provide anti-discrimination protections on the basis of gender identity and expression [...]

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On Gender and Sexual Insults

by Cara May 18, 2009

Yesterday, a piece by India Knight about the breakup of Katie Price and Peter Andre appeared in the Times Online (h/t Gauntlet).  It seems that these two are reality television stars in the UK.  I’ve never heard of them before in my life.  So let’s just get it out of the way that I have [...]

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