Arizona Bill Would Require Hospitals to Check Patient Immigration Status

by Cara February 15, 2011

Arizona legislators are working on a new anti-immigration bill that is essentially the hospital equivalent of their notorious SB 1070. The new bill, SB 1405, would require all hospitals within the state to verify the immigration status of all patients. If a patient cannot prove that sie is in the country legally, hospital staff would [...]

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Woman Faces Likely Deportation Because She Filed a Domestic Violence Report

by Cara November 2, 2010

Last year, a woman named Maria Bolanos called the police during a domestic dispute with her partner, hoping that they would protect her. Now, as a result of that phone call and the subsequent interaction with police, because she is an immigrant who is undocumented, it is probable that she will be deported soon. Last [...]

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Activists Leaving Life-Saving Water for Immigrants Face Opposition

by Cara September 27, 2010

Trigger Warning for anti-immigrant hatred and discussion of border crossing deaths. Found via Jill’s brief post on the issue, this story in the NY Times about people who leave water for undocumented immigrants crossing the U.S. border in the desert isn’t exactly news, but it is needed reporting on an ongoing issue. The water is [...]

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U.S. Border Patrol Agents Charged with Rape, Assault, and Torture

by Cara September 13, 2010

Trigger Warning for discussions/descriptions of border violence, sexual violence, and state violence, specifically with relation to U.S. immigration enforcement. Last week, the LA Times reported on a case of alleged assault and torture by a U.S. Border Patrol official against a drug suspect, tying it to other alleged and successfully prosecuted instances of violence, including [...]

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Experts Believe Arizona Immigration Law Will Harm Domestic Abuse Victims

by Cara July 6, 2010

By now, most of you have probably heard of SB 1070 — the abhorrent Arizona immigration law that is soon to take effect. For those who haven’t heard of the law or who need a refresher, SB 1070 not only has the effect of legalizing racial profiling, it requires it of police. Once in effect, [...]

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Man Reported Police Sexual Assault Against His Girlfriend, Now Faces Deportation

by Cara May 27, 2010

The man pictured above did a very, very scary thing. This man pictured above did the right thing. And for calling 911 while a police officer sexually assaulted his girlfriend during a traffic stop, Abel Moreno was arrested. His girlfriend was arrested, too. Then, things got even worse. Several things then happened. Five other women [...]

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U.S. Fence Causes Increase in Border Crossing Deaths

by Cara October 5, 2009

A recently released study by the American Civil Liberties Union of San Diego and Imperial Counties and Mexico’s National Commission on Human Rights (h/t abbyjean) shows that there has been an increase in migrant deaths at the U.S.-Mexico border in the past year: Marking the 15th anniversary of the misguided border strategy known as Operation [...]

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City Councilman Promoted Violent Anti-Immigrant Video Game

by Cara April 18, 2009

I just came across a post at Sociological Images about an outrageously racist flash video game called Border Patrol.  They note that in the game, “you try to keep three types of Mexicans from crossing the border: drug dealers, Mexican nationalists, and ‘breeders.’”  Video game site Kotaku — which thankfully also calls the video game [...]

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Sexual Violence in Italy Used to Support Racist Immigration Policies

by Cara February 21, 2009

Last month, I wrote a post about how Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi made statements which heavily implied a belief that women are raped not because certain men have a desire for control over women, or feel that they deserve permanent access to women’s bodies, but because women are so good looking.  Even worse than [...]

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NY Times Article Got Story on DIY Abortions Wrong

by Cara January 23, 2009

The other week, I blogged about this NY Times article on Dominican women in New York City inducing abortion themselves with misoprostol. Well, it turns out that the NY Times go several key facts very wrong. AlterNet has the story. (emphasis mine) So what did the study find? Far less misoprostol use than expected, it [...]

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