New Report Details Police Abuses Against Cambodian Sex Workers

by Cara July 20, 2010

Trigger Warning for discussions of sexual violence and police violence, specifically including violence against sex workers and transphobic violence. Earlier this year, I wrote about an Amnesty International report about sexual violence against women in Cambodia, and the judicial response (or more accurately, lack of judicial response) to sexual violence. A section of that report [...]

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Cambodian Police Often Require Bribes Before Investigating Rape Cases

by Cara March 9, 2010

Yesterday, International Women’s Day, Amnesty International released two reports on sexual violence against women and judicial response to this violence. The report Breaking the silence: Sexual justice in Cambodia focuses on how police corruption intimidates, frightens, and harms victims in Cambodia who attempt to come forward, usually with one’s chances of justice falling along class [...]

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Turkish Activists Demand Action on Transphobic Hate Crimes

by Cara February 26, 2010

There are exceedingly few places in the world where trans people are truly safe. Turkey, then, is only one of many, many countries where trans people, usually trans women, are violently attacked and murdered at epidemic levels simply for being who they are. The abuses there, however, could be considered particularly bad — and regardless, [...]

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You Picked the Wrong Asian Woman to Mess With

by Cara December 12, 2008

May be NSFW (contains swearing) Anyone know these ladies names?  They’re awesome. h/t Renee Tweet

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Judge Calls Sexual Harassment “Gallant,” Not Criminal

by Cara August 7, 2008

UPDATE: See Natalia Antonova’s post for several important clarifications and corrections. As I suspected, some of the claims are exaggerated, but the general gist of the story is correct. (Thanks Lisa.) HuffPo informs us that a Russian judge has ruled that sexual harassment is a-okay because it ensures the survival of the human race. You [...]

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Khmer Rouge Victims Will Have Official Role in Tribunals

by Cara June 18, 2008

I found this to be really interesting: victims will be active participants in the tribunals prosecuting five former Khmer Rouge leaders. Hundreds of people have applied to be recognized officially as victims. Tweet

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Earthquake in China Kills Thousands

by Cara May 12, 2008

Jesus Christ. An earthquake in China has killed almost 9,000 people, as of an hour ago. That number is obviously likely to climb. This of course follows on the heels of the the cyclone in Myanmar that has officially killed 32,000 people, with total death toll estimates in the range of 60,000 to 100,000. And [...]

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Distributing Homemade Porn without Ex’s Consent Could Land Man in Jail

by Cara February 18, 2008

This greatly pleases me: a Hong Kong man who posted sex videos of his ex-girlfriend online without her consent could face jail time. A jilted Hong Kong boyfriend who posted video clips on the internet of his ex-lover having sex with him was warned on Monday that he could face jail. Lee Wing-fung, 29, uploaded [...]

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Burmese Refugees Held Prisoner in Thai “Human Zoo”

by Cara January 30, 2008

No, really, I swear this time: I have no idea what to say. *sputters something incoherent about racism, colonialism & sexism* . . . Tweet

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Date rape drugs sold over the counter in India?

by Cara December 29, 2007

An Indian TV station has done a bit of investigative journalism following a big ketamine drug bust, and found that pharmacists will dispense ketamine over the counter. For those of you who don’t know, in addition to ketamine being used as a recreational drug, it is also one of the most common “date rape drugs.” [...]

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