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Offensive Remark of the Week: Obama is Like an Abusive Spouse Edition

by Cara March 9, 2009

I try to stay as far away from World Net Daily as possible, but via Media Matters comes this outrageous excerpt from a column that appeared on the site on March 4. After explaining why he thinks that Obama is already a completely colossal failure, Burt Prelutsky writes: Frankly, I don’t know why anybody continues [...]

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Radio Host Endorses Reasons for Murder of Transgender Woman

by Cara November 22, 2008

Right-wing Minneapolis radio host Chris Baker decided to tie together a story about Thomas Beatie — “the pregnant man” — and another transgender person, Lateisha Green (or Teish Cannon; I’ve also seen her name spelled “Latiesha”) who was murdered in a hate crime just a few days ago. I came across this story on Wednesday [...]

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Offensive Remark of the Week: Bill O’Reilly is Getting Desperate Edition

by Cara July 22, 2008

You may have seen Planned Parenthood’s new ad with John McCain staring uncomfortably and helplessly for 8 full seconds when asked about whether or not health insurance should have to cover birth control if it covers Viagra. And of course, they would have been inexcusably negligent to not produce such an ad — McCain handed [...]

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Offensive Remark of the Week: Sometimes Media Matters Alerts Make Me Hate Humanity Edition

by Cara June 20, 2008

Shorter Michael Savage: “I am bigoted piece of shit who doesn’t deserve the life given to me by this “God” I supposedly believe in.” Verbatim Michael Savage (to a caller who was whining about two men holding hands in front of his kid): “You’ve got to try to explain to the children why the — [...]

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Offensive Remarks of the Month: Defense Attorneys Gone Wild Edition

by Cara June 9, 2008

Via SAFER, I’ve just found out about an abhorrent rape trial that’s been going on in the area where I live. Good job not reading local news, Cara. (Though actually, a search on the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle’s website didn’t turn up any coverage, and it’s the area’s biggest newspaper.) In short, Preston Wido is [...]

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Offensive Remark of the Week: Rush Limbaugh Is Still Rush Limbaugh Edition

by Cara May 22, 2008

You know, most of Rush Limbaugh’s words barely even enter my brain (only fair, since they seem to barely enter his own before his says them). His offensive comments end up coming to me from Media Matters every other day, so they’re par for the course, and generally roll right off my back. But this [...]

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Offensive Remark of the Week: Beating and Raping Women Doesn’t Mean You Hate Them Edition

by Cara April 9, 2008

NY Times columnist Nicholas D. Kristof muses on the differences between misogyny and sexism. And I’d be really grateful if someone could honestly tell me that this is some kind of bizarre parody and he can’t be fucking serious. Instead, we do get to play the ironic game of determining which category Kristof falls into! [...]

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Offensive Remark of the Week: White People Just Don’t Get Enough Credit for Stopping the Whole Lynching Thing Edition

by Cara March 23, 2008

Clearly, it should go without saying that Pat Buchanan is a fucking nut. Really, I try to ignore these types more than anything. I just don’t have the time to follow the disgraceful career of every racist, misogynist, homophobic, nationalist, religious fanatic puppet of the Republican party. But this time . . . oh, this [...]

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Offensive Remark of the Week: Geraldine Ferraro Swears She Isn’t Racist Edition

by Cara March 12, 2008

I’m pissed off about the Spitzer thing, if you haven’t noticed. Happy that he resigned, but still really pissed. And so right about now, my patience for Democratic politicians who are going to act like absolute fucking morons is virtually non-existent. Sorry about that, Geraldine Ferraro and those hellbent on defending her for absolutely no [...]

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Offensive Remark of the Week: Glenn Beck Thinks He Can Call Other People Ugly Edition

by Cara February 16, 2008

If you’ve ever heard conservative TV and radio host Glenn Beck’s name, you undoubtedly know that he’s an asshole. Simple enough, no big shocks there. He’s also dumb as a bag of rocks. The other night, I was out for pizza, the restaurant TV was unfortunately tuned to CNN, and Beck was talking about the [...]

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