Age Old Victim-Blaming Myths Win Court Case for Girls Gone Wild

by Cara July 24, 2010

Trigger Warning for descriptions of sexual assault and explicit victim-blaming and sexual assault apologism. Earlier this week, a jury ruled against a woman who sued the Girls Gone Wild franchise on the grounds that they damaged her reputation when they included footage of her being forcibly disrobed in one of their DVDs (h/t). The woman, [...]

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Shocking: Playboy Playmates Represent Increasingly Impossible Sexual Ideals

by Cara February 3, 2009

In what comes as a surprise to absolutely no one who pays attention to media representations of women and sexiness, it looks like the overall BMI of women featured as Playboy Playmates has dropped dramatically over time.  Indeed, according to Wired Magazine (who did the analysis), “While real American women have steadily eaten their way [...]

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Strip Club Holds Sarah Palin Lookalike Contest

by Cara October 29, 2008

Via Sociological Images — a truly great blog I discovered recently — comes this story about a Sarah Palin lookalike contest held at Vegas strip club (oh, sorry, “gentleman’s club”).  Lots of bikinis, sexualized use of guns and sexism abound.  You can view more photographs of the event here. The saddest thing is that it’s [...]

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15-Year-Old Arrested for Pornographic Photographs . . . Of Herself

by Cara October 20, 2008

Okay, so this? Is not okay. A 15-year-old Ohio girl faces felony charges and may have to register as a sex offender for allegedly taking nude photos of herself and sending them to her high school classmates. The girl, whose name has not been released, was arrested last week and charged in juvenile court with [...]

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International Sex Workers Rights Day

by Cara March 4, 2008

As I briefly mentioned earlier, yesterday was International Sex Workers Rights Day. I missed it; I didn’t know that it was going on until I’d already posted for the day, and I just didn’t have the time for a second post. So I planned to write about it today instead. I felt slightly guilty about [...]

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Distributing Homemade Porn without Ex’s Consent Could Land Man in Jail

by Cara February 18, 2008

This greatly pleases me: a Hong Kong man who posted sex videos of his ex-girlfriend online without her consent could face jail time. A jilted Hong Kong boyfriend who posted video clips on the internet of his ex-lover having sex with him was warned on Monday that he could face jail. Lee Wing-fung, 29, uploaded [...]

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They’re Coming for Your Uterus

by Cara January 5, 2008

I have already reported on how Missouri is seemingly working its ass off for the title of Most Anti-Choice State. Last August, the state legislature passed an initiative that would require abortion clinics to undergo extremely expensive and unnecessary renovations. When challenged by Planned Parenthood, the state contracted an anti-choice group to act as its [...]

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Why Generalizing About Porn Doesn’t Help

by Cara September 25, 2007

Perhaps in response to the Don Hazen review of Robert Jensen’s book Getting Off, AlterNet today has another article on the topic. This time it’s by Riane Eisler, and she argues that pornography and war are intricately linked. I want to start off by saying that Eisler’s writing is not particularly academic. She also repeatedly [...]

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On Degradation, Violence and Porn

by Cara September 24, 2007

Here is a book that I can’t wait to read: Getting Off (Pornography and the End of Masculinity) by Robert Jensen. It’s a a book by a feminist male against pornography. What the hell is not to like? But from Don Hazen’s AlterNet review, I can tell that it’s going to be a tough read. [...]

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On porn, in theory and in practice

by Cara June 14, 2007

Roy, one of the coolest male-feminists and bloggers around, has a particularly thought-provoking post up at Feministe, where he’s guest-blogging for the week. It’s about porn, and how the stances that we feminists sometimes take on it have the potential to cause more harm to women who actually work in the sex-industry. Personally, this is [...]

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