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Offensive Remark of the Week: Obama is Like an Abusive Spouse Edition

by Cara March 9, 2009

I try to stay as far away from World Net Daily as possible, but via Media Matters comes this outrageous excerpt from a column that appeared on the site on March 4. After explaining why he thinks that Obama is already a completely colossal failure, Burt Prelutsky writes: Frankly, I don’t know why anybody continues [...]

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by Cara January 21, 2009

I have absolutely nothing to add to the abundant commentary that has been made so far about Barack Obama’s inauguration.  All that can be said has been. It was a hugely historic moment that I feel privileged to have seen.  But it’s not the end of our problems, economic, racial or otherwise.  And so on. [...]

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I Laughed; I Cried

by Cara December 10, 2008

From the NY Times Letters, Why Is Abortion Still a Political Issue? To the Editor: For some people, abortion is a nonnegotiable issue. A nation that runs out of people cannot perform the activities of a sophisticated society. We have a shortage of primary care doctors. There are other skilled-worker shortages. You cannot kill the [...]

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SD Anti-Choicers are Sad that Women Still Have Rights

by Cara November 24, 2008

*Sniffles* I was at Planned Parenthood seven different times. I also was at the Campaign for Healthy Families’ place three times, where a young lady from Black Sheep Coffee shop brought me a cup of its great coffee on a cool day. She was a real sweetheart. But all our efforts failed. The good people [...]

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Condescending to Michelle Obama

by Cara November 18, 2008

The other night, Steve Kroft interviewed Barack and Michelle Obama on 60 minutes.  He asked the two of them about their “personal transition” to the White House. Right towards the very end of the segment, this question really jumped out at me as being particularly condescending: Kroft: I know you’ve said that your first priority [...]

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Obama Is Funny

by Cara November 14, 2008

Newsweek has been running a “Secrets of the Campaign” series. The magazine was allowed extra access to the campaigns in exchange for the promise that they would not report on what they learned and witnessed until after the election. I’m fairly uncomfortable with the concept, even if a large majority of the information has thus far [...]

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Vote Obama! (Or: What Do I Have to Live for Now?)

by Cara November 13, 2008

Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are h/t Sudy Tweet

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Olbermann Speaks Out on Prop 8

by Cara November 12, 2008

Like Jill, I find that Keith Olbermann can really get on my nerves, but I also think that he sometimes deserves credit. This is one of those times. I particularly appreciate it because one of my biggest criticisms of Olbermann is that he’s one of those liberal white guys who thinks he’s super leftist, but [...]

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Yoko Ono on Barack Obama

by Cara November 10, 2008

This morning, Yoko Ono — who previously refused to take a stance on the election, saying that she preferred grassroots organizing — posted an open letter showing that she too has gotten caught up in the Obama craze.  She gets the catchphrase wrong, but I think the sentiment still holds true, certainly enough to get [...]

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And This is Why I’m Glad I’ve Never Voted for Ralph Nader

by Cara November 7, 2008

Because even Fox News is smart enough to call him out on being an ignorant, racist ass for saying Barack Obama is an “Uncle Tom.” For more, see Bint. And hey Nader? Fuck you. Tweet

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