As DA, Colorado Senate Candidate Said Alleged Rape Could Be Seen As “Buyer’s Remorse”

by Cara October 11, 2010

I recently wrote about a case out of Michigan where a prosecutor declined to file charges in a rape case by saying there was no element of force or coercion, despite the victim’s testimony and the corroboration of key parts of her statement by one of the accused parties. While it turned out that the [...]

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Americans Broadly Support Abortion Coverage in Health Reform

by Cara July 9, 2009

You my have heard — or you may not, as it seems to be getting little mainstream media coverage — that health care reform is in trouble. With Republicans and blue-dog Democrats sensing that some sort of of government coverage is likely to be successfully created this time around, they’re shifting tactics somewhat from attempting [...]

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Reaction vs. Prevention

by Cara May 29, 2009

Sometime recently — and I receive so many action alerts in my inbox that it’s impossible to remember when — I apparently emailed my congressional representative about the issue of funding for programs that prevent intimate partner violence.  Of course, I asked him to support for an increase in such funding.  My representative’s name is [...]

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Arizona Legislature Considers Numerous Abortion Restrictions

by Cara February 28, 2009

Just as anti-choice, time-wasting nonsense gets cleared up in South Dakota, we find ourselves some more in Arizona.  Indeed, as Miriam and Ann note, anti-choicers seem to be going pretty wild all over the nation. This particular piece of ugly Arizona legislation would impose a whole ton of restrictions: Legislation to impose the first new [...]

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Anti-Choice DHHS Rule Finalized

by Cara December 19, 2008

At Feministe (where I originally intended on posting this until that jerk Jill beat me to it with a really good post), I’ve been relentlessly updating you on the proposed DHHS rule that aims to limit the availability of abortion and contraception by protecting anti-choice employees of Title X funded institutions from “discrimination” based on [...]

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The Good, The Bad, and The Downright Ugly

by Cara November 5, 2008

The Good President Obama.  Of course. The Democrats now have 56 seats in the Senate. Four seats are still undecided, according to CNN, but it looks like they’re all going to go Republican.  Our best shot to pick up one last seat is Al Franken in Minnesota — who, with supposedly 100% of the vote [...]

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Strip Club Holds Sarah Palin Lookalike Contest

by Cara October 29, 2008

Via Sociological Images — a truly great blog I discovered recently — comes this story about a Sarah Palin lookalike contest held at Vegas strip club (oh, sorry, “gentleman’s club”).  Lots of bikinis, sexualized use of guns and sexism abound.  You can view more photographs of the event here. The saddest thing is that it’s [...]

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McCain Doesn’t Seem Sure About Why McCain Should Be President, Either

by Cara October 25, 2008

It looks like even McCain’s arguments for why he should be president are actually arguments for why he shouldn’t. John McCain kicked off a campaign swing in two Western states Friday with a new warning that electing Barack Obama could create unchecked Democratic control in Washington. Republican incumbents and challengers are facing stiff battles in [...]

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Palin Not Such an “Advocate” For People With Disabilities After All

by Cara October 23, 2008

It seems like Sarah “friend and advocate to parents of children with disabilities” Palin might, shockingly, not be such the ally after all. In Colorado, she opposed a ridiculously minuscule tax increase which would help state citizens with developmental disabilities by providing vital services. Republican Vice Presidential nominee Gov. Sarah Palin (R-Alaska) is speaking against [...]

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by Cara October 18, 2008

Via Hoyden About Town comes this article about the latest Republican dirty election tactic (which should surprise none of us). But one sentence, well, really stuck out at me. Emphasis mine: Republican John McCain is facing accusations of using a false crusade against voter fraud to suppress legitimate votes as battles over who ought to [...]

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