A Response From Pepsi

by Cara October 20, 2008

Today, a Pepsi-Cola Company representative posted this comment on Feministe as a response to my post about the “lifeguard ad”: Official Response from Pepsi-Cola Company: Pepsi-Cola Company wants to assure you that there’s absolutely no Pepsi advertisement in circulation that even remotely resembles the creative in question. After investigating this matter further, we learned that [...]

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Victoria’s Secret Must Die

by Cara August 28, 2008

This is a completely off-topic rant about how I hate Victoria’s Secret with every fiber of my being. Tweet

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Are they serious?

by Cara August 14, 2008

When I saw an email in my inbox with the subject “BEAUTY SECRET Bust-Firming Bra: 4 Weeks to a Firmer You,” I thought it must be spam with strangely correct spelling. But then I saw that the email from from Victoria’s Secret (whose emails I get virtually daily and delete unless they actually happen to [...]

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Need a laugh?

by Cara May 12, 2008

Writing this blog everyday, I sure as hell do! And this cracked me up. If like me, you’re fed up with stupid sexist commercials, check out a few getting some feminist skewering: I want to see more of Sarah Haskins. And I also might have to start watching InfoMania. It kind of looks like VH1′s [...]

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Quick Survey

by Cara April 9, 2008

If you saw someone wearing any of these disgusting shirts, would you: Hit him where it hurts (your choice of body part) Go into an uncontrollable screaming rage Run in the other direction Burst into tears in mourning for your very last ounce of hope in humanity For me, it depends. I would always be [...]

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Shampoo, Toothpaste and Vibrators: Perfect Valentine’s Day Supplies

by Cara February 14, 2008

In honor of Valentine’s Day, here’s this article from Newsweek about how drugstores are now starting to sell “sexual aids” right out there in the open with the non-sinful products: Tweet

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This Promotes Rape

by Cara November 27, 2007

I don’t know where Melissa keep finding these things, and I probably don’t want to know. Yesterday, it was this pencil sharpener. And I was naively convinced that when it comes to “joke toys” that promote rape, a headless woman bent over with her hands and feet nailed to the floor while having phallic items [...]

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So You Want To Be A Rock n Roll Star

by Cara November 22, 2007

[cross-posted from Femniste] About a month ago, I wrote a post about Guitar Hero III. The main gist was that as a big-time previous fan of the series, I was thoroughly unimpressed with the the changes that have been made to the game, which are quite misogynist, exploitative of women and completely insensitive to the [...]

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The Female Condom Revisited

by Cara November 13, 2007

Here’s something you probably haven’t heard much about in a while: the female condom. Why talk about it now? Because finally, someone has had the sense to redesign it. Some history: The female condom has never caught on in the United States. But in the third world, where it was introduced in the late 1990s, [...]

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Man Makeup

by Cara October 30, 2007

Salon has an article up today on a slightly unusual topic: makeup for men. I remember a few years ago, some companies tried this out. And it was ruthlessly mocked pretty much everywhere that there was a platform from which to do the mocking. But apparently, the idea is making a comeback. Sort of. It’s [...]

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