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10 Risks about Weight Loss Surgery Your doctor Wouldn't Tell you

In today’s world, Where Instagram celebrities models become the main factor that defines how sexy someone’s body is, a lot of people find themselves in an extensive search for the fastest possible way to keep fit at any cost.

They do believe that the value of someone’s beauty can be determined just by looking at its weight. The thinner the better. That’s why overweight people are desperately looking to adept various methods to lose weight as fast as possible. Some of them even might start thinking of doing weight loss surgery.

Is Weight Loss Surgery the right solution for you?

Weight loss surgery tends to help only persons with serious obesity to lose weight fast. You could consider it as a solution if you can't lose weight through the safest known ways like diet and workouts or you are suffering from health issues related to overweight.

There are various kinds of weight-loss surgeries. Bariatric surgery, arm gastrectomy, and duodenal transfer are among the most common weight-loss surgeries. And gastric banding is one of the popular methods that usually influences the way you digest food.

Why Weight Loss Surgery Ain’t as Good as they Say

People want to lose weight crazy fast, and here when comes the surgeries as one of the fastest ways to achieve that. It's rare to find someone talking in a negative way about Weight Loss Surgery online or somewhere else. no one is talking about the complications after the surgery because they are just very satisfied with their weight loss results.

You should be aware that Weight Loss Surgery has a lot of negative consequences and side effects such as :

  1. Infections
  2. Vomiting
  3. Nausea
  4. Anorexia
  5. Acid Reflux
  6. Hypoglycemia
  7. Chronic Pain in the Stomach
  8. Mental Isuues
  9. Weight gain
  10. Very Expensive

The downside of weight loss surgeries

A large number of people who have these surgeries may be more likely to regain some of the weight over time. Unless they follow very strict workouts and diet programs, Only this way they can stay fit. But still, they need a regular clinical follow-up for the rest of their life.

During the weight loss surgery, doctors would try to remove the fats from the body. However, there are infinite weight loss surgery risks, and let’s be honest here, this is not the ideal solution. There are a lot of risks of using surgical methods to reduce fat reserves from the system.

First of all, there may be infections in the parts of the body which has got the surgery. This is one of the most dangerous weight loss surgery side effects. Since the surgery would mainly focus on extracting the fats from the organism, there may be some glands that would be pierced to take the fats out.

However, unlike the normal blood vessels, these glands may not have a strong ability to heal. It would take a longer time for the gland and ducts to heal. Thus, there is a higher risk of infection.

On the other hand, some of the fats can be important in protecting body organs. During the surgery, doctors would not try to remove fats which are protecting the internal organs.

Anyway, There are a lot of fats that may be protecting parts of your body tissues which may be healing from some injuries. Without the fats, the recovery process of the worn-out tissues would be slowed down and this will surely cause trouble to the patients.

Weight loss surgery is not an affordable option

Apart from the weight loss surgery threats and fat loss surgery risks, the cost of the surgery is also quite expensive. You would need to pay thousands of dollars to get the surgery and you also need to stay away from your work during the recovery period. You have to adapt to a new way of life. For example, you may have a drastic reduction in body mass after weight loss surgery.

Then, you would need to learn to walk with a lighter body again. It would require time and this can make you fail to return to your work as soon as possible. Therefore, the overall cost of having weight loss surgery is also quite high. This also explains why surgery is not popular among people.

As the latest researches show, the health risks of weight loss surgery are even higher than it was believed earlier - up to the 1-in-15 risk of dying in men!

With that being said, weight loss surgery involves lots of risks and dangers. The price is also too high. Hence, overweight people are always advised to seek other approaches to slimming down, such as to go on a diet plan and to have moderate exercises. Of course, if they are seriously obese and they cannot maintain normal body activities without surgery, they can do so, but the general public should not do it because it is not worthy.

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